Acai Pure review: Does Acai Pure Deliver Or Is It a Scam?

It is a well-known fact that the Acai berry has gained a lot of publicity because of its weight loss capabilities.

Hailing from the Amazon River Basin, rich with antioxidants, Acai berry has a lot of features that make it a magic fruit. As a product, Acai Pure comes in the form of pills, in the form of herbal nutritional supplement.

Acai berry-based products have enjoyed praises from celebrities who have spoken extensively on the benefits of Acai berry and the sites selling Acai Pure uses this to their advantage.

List of Ingredients in Acai Pure

Acai Pure contains polyniconate, Garcinia cambogia extract, Hawaiian noni extract, Gymnema sylvestre extract, green tea extract, resveratrol extract and Acai berry extract.

Salient Features

1) Believed to be a type of chromium, polyniconate is an agent believed to assist the decrease of cholesterol level.

2) Garcinia cambogia extract, known to be a herbal ingredient used in traditional Indian medicine, is a popular substance found in Asia and Africa.

3) Hawaiian noni extract comes with carbohydrates, dietary fiber and vitamin C.

4) Gymnema sylvestre tricks your tongue into tasting sweet food as not so sweet as it actually is. It is said to decrease the level of blood sugar, too, although in reality the results are a 50-50 affair; some report lower blood sugar levels, others report higher.

5) Green tea extract offers polyphenols which trigger the thermogenic activity within the body, and in turn improves your metabolism that increases the effectiveness of your fat burning process.

6) Resveratrol  helps slow down the ageing process and improves cardiovascular health. Side effects include stomach cramping and loose bowel movements.

Acai berry is widely hailed as a wonder product mainly for its rich antioxidants, and its ability to support your cardiovascular health but it also helps with other health issues like taking care of your bad mood, lack of sleep and low levels of energy. However, it should be noted that level of antioxidant found in Acai berry is quite the same as  found in other Acai berry products.


1) There is a free trial offer, as well as 30-day money back guarantee.

2) Official site includes users’ testimonials.

3) The official website recommends a healthy diet and well-planned exercise routine.


1) No listing of Acai Pure price is available on the site.

2) There is no free gift.

3) There is no complete list of ingredients nor complete information on the composition of this diet supplement.

4) Some ingredients may actually cause weight gain instead of helping you to lose weight.

5) It has been documented that some people had their credit card charged even after they discontinued subscription.

6) Complaints have also been submitted regarding the difficulties in getting a refund after unwanted shipments arrive – despite the money back guarantee.


In spite of its tall claims and media hype associated with it, Acai Pure does not contain solid weight loss ingredients. There is also the issue of auto-shipping which is difficult to cancel, let alone the hassles of trying to cancel your credit card auto- charge. So, you must think twice before you decide to buy Acai Pure for weight loss

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