Anoretix Review: Does Anoretix Help You Lose Weight?

Among the huge number of diet products around these days, one comes across a diet pill known as Anoretix. This dietary supplement aims to assist both women and men with weight loss. The official website even offers a 100% money-back guarantee, which seems to be an encouraging feature.

Anoretix needs to be taken daily with water, four capsules each day. It sells through the official website for $49.99, which is a one-month supply of 120 capsules. Some customer testimonials are also provided on the website, along with a couple of recommendation from medical experts. There are no free trial samples of Anoretix available at this time.

Key Ingredients

One important feature of this weight loss pill is that the official website makes a bold mention of the key ingredients. Anoretix actually claims to be the first diet pill with “nine patented weight loss ingredients.”

These active components are revealed as Super Citrimax (South Asian fruit that burns fat and suppresses appetite), Tonalin (helps reduce the breakdown sugar and storage of fat within the body), Advantra Z (thermogenic component), NeOpuntia (all-natural fiber), Phase 2 (neutralizes starch/sugar to help it get burned off), ForseLean (helps to burn away fat), 7 Keto (increases the user’s metabolism), ChromeMate (regulates insulin levels and converts sugar to energy) and Bioperine (helps the body to absorb nutrients).

There is however a warning posted on the website that those users who find that they’re losing more than one pound of weight per day by consuming Anoretix supplements must seek medical attention.

Product Features

Anoretix is a weight loss product that comes in capsule form, and is intended to be consumed daily along with regular exercise and a healthy diet plan. This diet product aims to reduce body fat, regulate blood sugar, boost metabolic rates and suppress hunger. Nine different major ingredients are incorporated into Anoretix supplements. Although clinical research is not presented on the official website to support the claims made about Anoretix capsules, there is a 100% guarantee that lasts forever. This diet drug is also available without a doctor’s prescription.


  1. All nine key ingredients are revealed and explained on the official website.
  2. There is a convenient email address posted on the website for questions and answers.
  3. Some product reviews and success stories are available on the website for Anoretix.


  1.     Real clinical data of trials are not provided on the website to support Anoretix weight loss claims.
  2. Some ingredients, which are not revealed on the official website, may have a negative effect on some users.
  3. Free trial samples of Anoretix capsules are not offered at this time.
  4. Anoretix may cause unhealthy weight loss and harmful side-effects in some users.
  5. Before and after photos are no where to be seen on the website which support the overall effectiveness of Anoretix supplements.


Anoretix, unlike some other diet drugs, is presented in a professional manner. It’s always good to see the primary active ingredients revealed and explained on the official website.  guarantee, which is encouraging to some extent.

However, it should not be lost sight of that the website does not provide a full list of product ingredients (which any authentic company should do) and there are hardly any scientific proof actually posted on the website as well. So, all in all, you need to do some additional research on Anoretix before attempting to take this diet pill.

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