Avesil Review: Does Avesil Really Help You Lose Weight?

The makers of Avesil diet pills assure you that you will be able to have fast and safe weight loss using this product, even if you don’t increase your physical activity.

With the help of 284 published studies the manufacturers try to establish the effectiveness of the ingredients, and Avesil promises a rosy picture about your weight loss.

Does Avesil sound too good to be true? Our Avesil review reveals why this diet pill may not be the one you are looking for.

What is Avesil ?

The primary active ingredients in Avesil include Citrimax (AKA garcinia cambogia), green tea extract, chromium and caffeine. This combination is intended to suppress your appetite, increase metabolism and burn fat.

The caffeine in Avesil does have a stimulating effect but none of the other ingredients in this product work as stimulants.

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Avesil Side-effects

Despite the fact that there is a single source of caffeine in this product, the manufacturers advise that individuals who have diabetes, Alzheimer’s Disease or any form of dementia should keep away from Avesil. The ingredient garcinia cambogia is reported to increase symptoms of dementia and also can raise blood sugar levels.

As with many other weight loss products, Avesil contains caffeine which can have nasty side-effects in some individuals and should be avoided by people who are sensitive to stimulants.

Should You Buy Avesil?

The manufacturers of Avesil makes broad generalizations regarding the effectiveness of this diet pill. In fact, although they refer to some few hundred studies, they fail to provide concrete evidences to prove the efficacy of the diet pill.

Avesil also attributes all positive results in the research to the effectiveness of each ingredient, and not the combination that makes the weight loss product.

Avesil’s makers apparently do not have confidence in their product, since they suggest that you make significant changes in both your diet and add exercise to your daily regimen.

Costing about $100 for a month’s supply, this is indeed one of the more expensive weight loss products available online, and obviously there are much better diet pills on the market that offer a lot more at a much less expenditure.

Recommended Diet Pill

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