Best Cardio Exercises To Lose Weight

As you get all geared up for a diet plan, you should definitely consider along with it some  very good cardio exercises for to lose weight.

While controlling your diet should always be your number one strategy for producing rapid  weight loss results, ensuring  that you’re burning off calories through regular physical workout is essential too.

Taking your cardio training outdoors will not only make it much more interesting for you but also keep you focused on your physical activities.

Let’s have a quick peak at some of the top outdoor cardio exercises that you ought to be doing.


The first cardio exercise to consider is rollerblading.  Rollerblading is a form of exercise that most people really enjoy doing and when done with great intensity, it can burn off just as many calories as running would.

In order to maximize the results you get from your rollerblading sessions, focus on crouching as low down to the ground as possible. This will stimulate the quads to a greater degree while also calling the hamstrings into play.


The second form of cardio that you would like to consider is tennis. Tennis is great for those who prefer not to go for cardio  workouts alone and want to derive  all the fun which is provided by a outdoor game.

Since you’re constantly stopping and starting when performing a game of tennis, this is a great form of outdoor cardio to enhance your metabolism.


Hiking is another cardio training you should go for when you want to get outdoors. If you can get away  to the calm and peaceful countryside on the weekends and manage a good 2 hour hike, you can easily burn up to 1000 calories doing this.

If you make this your weekend goal, it will give you the flexibility to eat a few more foods over the weekend when most people tend to socialize more without any fear of weight gain because of it.

Hiking is also excellent for increasing your lower body strength since it helps improve the leg muscles.


Another cardio workout you ought to give proper consideration is swimming.  Swimming is an extremely good cardio because it’s a full body workout and will improve both the upper and lower body muscles.

Swimming can also be a very good calorie burner when do it at a faster pace, so it is perfect for those seeking fast weight loss.

To maximize the benefits you get from swimming sessions, you should alternate between the different strokes so that you work the muscles in a wide variety of ways.


Boxing is another cardio workout (though not an outdoor one) you would like to try to lose weight fast. If you can spend an hour or so in the gym daily and concentrate on boxing, you will sure see results after a few days. Watch this video carefully and follow the weight loss tips.

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So there you have some of the best  cardio exercises for weight loss.  One additional  benefit of adding cardio training to your routine is that most people find it a great help to balance their appetite level, which is why if you match regular cardio workout with a great fat burner and appetite suppressant like Phen 375, you will hardly feel any hunger and  all the while move along smoothly with your diet plan.

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