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Proactol XS : Best Fat Binder available on the market


proactolXS1Proactol, now strengthened and marketed as Proactol XS, is  a proven and clinically tested , 100% natural diet pill which contains an active ingredient called Neopuntia ficus –Indica, which in common parlance is known as Prickly Pear extract.

The UK-based manufacturer of Proactol XS uses that prickly pear extract to form a supplement which  is a natural fat binder and helps to bind up to 28% of body fat from the food we consume. So, let’s take a closer look at this herbal diet pill which has millions of staunch supporters behind it.

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How does Proactol XS work?

Proactol is a patented 100% natural fiber complex made from two different fiber sources.

Soluble fibers

The soluble fibers bind together with the bile acids within the digestive system of your body, and form a gel like solution that reduces the speed of glucose intake. Because of the viscosity of the solution, once it enters the stomach, it takes considerably longer time to digest, which leaves you fuller for an extended period of time.

Non-soluble fibers

The non-soluble fiber was shown in the clinical studies to bind with dietary fat and preventing it from being absorbed in your body, helping the fat pass right through your body.

What are the ingredients of this natural fat binder?

It contains:

1)      Opuntiaficus Indica fiber complex (granulated)

2)      Micro Cry stalling cellulose

3)      Calcium hydrogen phosphate dehydrate

4)      Silica

5)      Povidone

6)      Magnesium Stearate

Does  Proactol XS have any side-effects?

Since this weight loss supplement is made up of 100% natural ingredients, it is regarded as one of the best diet pills around, completely safe and without any harmful side-effects.

What are the benefits of this supplement?


  • Reduces calorie intake from dietary fats
  • Reduces excess flab
  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Reduces food craving
  • 100% natural ingredients—so no harmful side-effects
  • Proven and tested in 5 different health laboratories around the world.
  • Risk free weight loss
  • Suppresses appetite
  • ree 180 days money back guarantee
  • Free from allergens, artificial coloring, flavors, salt and preservatives

What about the pricing?

1) Proactol XS: Buy3 + Get3 free- 119.85 Pound

2) Buy2 + Get 1 Free- 99.95 Pound

Final verdict



Proactol XS Fat Binder

Proactol XS is regarded as one of the safest natural diet pills around. It is backed by Medical Directive 93/42/EEC and approved by France ECO cert SAS. It is also certified and approved by the UK vegetarian society. It has successfully undergone 5 separate clinical trials to prove its effectiveness and safety.



Now let us come to the most important part before you close this deal. Yes, Proactol XS does offer certain discount codes which you may use to get the best deal in the market. You should avail yourself of the codes to get the best deal.



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