Unique Hoodia: Know Your Facts Before You Buy

unique hoodia: natural appetite suppressant

The appetite suppressant Hoodia Gordonii has taken the weight loss industry by storm. This herbal weight loss capsule has made a great impact in the field of ​​weight control. But there are things one must know before logging into the internet to buy this new Hoodia capsules online or from the nearby drugstore. Yes, you must know your facts before you buy a genuine Hoodia pill like Unique Hoodia.

Hoodia’s popularity stems from the claims that the San Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert are able to fend off their hunger and thirst during long hunting trips by using this cactus. They actually cut down the stem and eat the bitter-tasting plant. The Special Correspondent of CBS 60 Minutes, Leslie Stahl and his crew located the plant Hoodia Gordonii. Leslie consumed the plant and reported that he had lost the desire to eat or drink all day. This is how it was brought to light that Hoodia has appetite suppressant properties that aid weight loss.

Normally when you eat, the food is converted into glucose. As your level of glucose in the body rises, eventually a signal is sent to the brain that your stomach is full. It is the P57 molecule in Hoodia capsules that mimics the effect of glucose on the gray matter, telling part of the cortex (the hypothalamus) that your satiety level is complete. Consequently, you feel less hungry and can continue for long without food.

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One of the first clinical studies of Hoodia Gordonii was done in Britain among a bunch of overweight people. Half of them were given Hoodia Gordonii, while the other half received a placebo. The subjects were only allowed to read, watch TV and eat whenever they felt hungry. After a fortnight  it was found that those taking Hoodia capsules had reduced their calorie intake by thousand calories a day, despite the fact that the people being monitored had no restriction on their diet. Obviously, the appetite suppressant quality of Hoodia has made this possible.

Some have reported that the Hoodia capsules not only makes you feel full, it also staves off you food craving. As we all know, we feel physically satisfied when we eat, but we eat for many other reasons as well, such as when we when we feel lonely or depressed. Hoodia can help people lose weight by helping us to get rid of our need to eat unnecessarily and break the emotional bond with nutrition. By relaxing the emotional bond with nutrition, Hoodia can help the person develop new coping skills that excludes using food for comfort or solace.

With the suppression of appetite, Hoodia allows you to make positive and healthy  food choices. How often we all  try  to eat healthy, but the old nasty diehard habits or hunger pangs simply refuse to go away!

Hoodia helps you make better eating choices. Since you really do not need to go on with weight loss supplements forever, you should take this as a true opportunity to cultivate good and healthy eating habits. Indeed, weight loss is not always about physical suffering and deprivation. Unique Hoodia ensures that you lose weight safe and fast, naturally and without discomfort.

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