10 Best ways To Lose Weight Naturally Fast

1. Set a goal

Whether you want to lose weight, save money for a house or a fancy car, you need to work backwards from the goal. And the best way of doing that is by writing down the steps you’ll need to get there. Peter Walsh, author of Does this Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat?  says he’s had so much success helping people clear their clutter because he focuses on clarity of purpose. The first step is to define the life you want. And you need to work towards a goal.

2.Clear your kitchen

Use kitchen counters for food preparation only, advises Walsh. He takes a tough stand when it comes to visual distractions: “Most kitchens are littered with gadgets, but you can’t make your healthiest food choices in a cluttered, disorganized space. After all, nobody likes to eat in a messy and cluttered restaurant.

3.Eat at home more often

The average US family now spends almost 30 percent of its food budget at restaurants and fast-food joints.. To save money, start tracking how often you eat out, and how much you spend on those meals each month, then gradually cut down on your expenses.

“People who eat out a lot tend to eat less-healthy food and to be heavier,” says Melodie Yong, dietitian for the Heart and Lung Institute of St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver. In fact, the decline of cooking at home has a close link with the rise in obesity over the past 30 years, she notes.

4. Increase metabolism by getting more sleep

We generally crave unhealthy comfort foods when we’re tired, and our sleep levels are linked to our hormone levels, says Joey Shulman, the author of The Last 15—A Weight Loss Breakthrough. “People who are sleep-deprived tend to have more secretions of the hormone cortisol, so they feel more exhausted. And that’s going to trigger fat storage as well,” she says. Sleep deprivation also causes changes in the hunger hormones leptin and ghrelin, which indicate whether you’re full or hungry. So, it is not a good idea to cheat on sleep, if are on the look out to lose weight.

5. Vary your fitness routine

No matter how effective your fitness plan is, sticking to the exact same routine day after day is hard—and depressing. Try a different workout for every day of the week, each focusing on a different body part, recommends celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak, who has worked with many Hollywood stars. Whether you vary the number of reps you do or make a switch from cardio to resistance training, it’s important to vary your routine enough so you don’t get bored. “At least one thing should be different daily,” he suggests. Variety is the spice of life, as they say.

6. Eat more at breakfast and less at dinner

A UK study of 6,764 men and women aged 40 to 75 determined that those who ate the most calories at breakfast gained the least amount of weight, regardless of the total number of calories consumed during the rest of the day. It seems that breakfast truly is the most important meal of the day.

7. Rethink what’s delicious and what is not

“When we see the food we like, we are exceedingly compelled to eat it,” says Dr. Alain Dagher, a neurologist at the he Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital. “Unfortunately, our brains are likely wired to value high-calorie foods, which is important if food is scarce or difficult to obtain,” he opines. One way to tackle this is to increase the appeal of low-calorie foods by thinking about them more positively.

8. Don’t skip meals or snacks

Skipping breakfast often leads  to overindulgence later in the day. Breakfast choices also help to lower food cravings and maintain energy levels throughout the day. Night-time eaters are often breakfast-skippers, or those whose morning meal falls short on balance.
9. Get support from friends and associates

Losing weight—even a few pounds—requires true commitment, so it’s no surprise that people who have supportive friends and family members tend to experience more success with healthy eating and fitness regimes. “Share your goals with friends and family who you think will be supportive of your plan,” says a naturopath at the Wellpath Clinic in Toronto. “Let them know your biggest challenges so they can be there when you need the maximum amount of motivation and pep talks.

10. Stop dieting

Diet plans that include grapefruits, cabbage soup, food combinations or even low-fat fancy stuff are not the real  answers to weight loss. If you have been considering dieting because you think you ought to, give some thought to this fact: the vast majority of dieters eventually goes back to their pre-diet weight or become heavier than they were before. If a wide range of foods is earmarked as unsafe or forbidden, dieters feel guilty if they transgress, which makes them feel worse about themselves.

Tip: Balance is the key. To reach and maintain a reasonable body weight, you need a balanced diet full of nutrients to prevent disease and to ensure optimal energy level and psychological as well as physical well-being.

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