Bonita Fat Burner Review – Is Fat Burning With Acai Extract Possible?

 Do you want to buy Bonita fat burner?  But before you say yes, you should have a fair bit of idea about this weight loss pill. Well, Bonita Fat Burner is a weight loss supplement that the manufacturer claims can boost your metabolism and burn fat more quickly than with cutting back on calories.

This product is manufactured in the UK by a company that has been operating in the weight loss market since 2006. They manufacture several weight loss and appetite suppressant pills, as well as drink and patch forms.

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What Is Bonita Fat Burner?

Bonita fat burner contains caffeine, which is most probably the sole ingredient in this supplement that does indeed, increase metabolic rate. This supplement also contains other botanicals including green tea and kelp.

Bonita also contains acai extract, a popular weight loss supplement that has raised a lot of controversy in the dietary supplement community. There are other superior acai products that that have been shown to be effective for weight loss, such as Pure Acai Berry, so if you are looking for more of a detox product then you might consider using this product.

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Side-effects of Bonita Fat Burner

 Individuals who are taking certain prescription medications because of heart ailments and antidepressants should avoid the use of this product. The presence of grapefruit extract poses a risk for dangerous drug interactions.

If you have sensitivity to products containing caffeine, this product may cause negetive side effects such as anxiety.

 Does Bonita Fat Burner Really Work?

The only truth to the manufacturer’s claims is that caffeine does have some effect on metabolism. Unfortunately, the intensity of the effect diminishes over time, as the body develops a tolerance towards caffeine. Overall, this product most probably will not produce significant weight loss, due to the lack of proven ingredients.

The other remaining ingredients in Bonita Fat Burner have no solid scientific evidence that they can result in significant weight loss. Each of the ingredients can also be purchased individually at a far lower cost than the whole supplement itself.

In short, caffeine is probably the only ingredient in Bonita Fat Burner that has some bearing on increased metabolism leading to weight loss. There are much better and stronger products to help fat burning.

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