Burner Balm Review:Fat Burner Lip Balm That Aids Weight Loss Or Complete Hoax?

Giving a rather unique twist to the weight loss supplements they manufacture , the makers of Burner Balm have offered a completely different item this time: they have brought to the market several lip balms, each containing popular weight loss ingredients.

So is there any way applying Burner Lip Balm throughout the day can keep your appetite in check and aid fat burning? We are now going to review Burner Lip Balm to see whether this is nothing but a cheap gimmick or a novel approach to weight loss.

What is Burner Balm?

Burner lip balms are available in a variety of flavors and combination of ingredients and they are required to be applied 4-8 times every day.

The manufacturer explains that this method of ingesting these ingredients bypasses the digestive system and hence they are better absorbed into the bloodstream.

The basic ingredients in Burner Lip Balm are a base of wax containing green tea extract, hoodia gordonii, chromium picolinate and caffeine.

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Burner Balm Side-effects

There are a few harmful side effects to using Burner Lip Balm for some people. If you are allergic to bees, this product may cause severe reaction, since it contains beeswax.

In addition, the caffeine present in the balm can cause nervous reactions and can interact with medications you might already be taking on a regular basis.

The manufacturers, however, are kind enough to state the obvious: they advise that the balm should not be eaten in any case and also caution that it should be kept out of the reach of small children.

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Does Burner Lip Balm work?

If you take into account that the primary ingredient in Burner Balm is wax, and the relatively small size of the amount that would actually get  absorbed, you can easily assume that you would receive very negligible amount of the active ingredients.

True that Burner Lip Balm is a unique way to deliver weight loss, but scientifically speaking, the amount your body will absorb is so small that it will probably have little effect. True, it does bypass the digestive system, but in some cases, digestion is necessary in order for an ingredient to be activated and available for absorption.

To conclude, Burner Lip Balm is more of a gimmick than a genuine weight loss supplement and it goes without saying that you can simply buy far less expensive regular lip balm and also buy a separate weight loss product that actually delivers what it promises.

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