Chitosan Reviews: Does Chitosan Fat Blocker Help You Lose Weight?

While researching about various weight loss products available on the market, you must carefully review each product and see what weight loss experts say about the product before using it. Not just will you then be able to make an informed decision regarding the product that appears to suit you fine, but you will also be able to prevent yourself from any possible side-effects from a product that might actually harm your health. And some goods merely don’t have any clinical evidence to prove that they really work. As a result, your money gets completely wasted and goes down the drain!

Chitosan is really a diet supplement that contains extracts of shellfish like shrimp, crabs, lobsters – any marine creature having a challenging exoskeleton (outside its body) that’s primarily composed of calcium just like your fingernails, toenails and hair. The name “chitosan” is actually the biological name of the calcium-based chemical itself, and the product is sold as this being the brand name. The chemical is definitely not a newly-discovered thing. It is really a source of fiber comparable to plant material that, for around three decades, has been used to reduce the symptoms of constipation and bowel irregularity. The makers of the product claim that it has great ability to attach itself to fat and cholesteral found naturally in the stomach and then dissolve it.

According to weight loss experts this supplement sold as Chitosan  is not recommended at all as an effective weight loss aid. Here are some basic facts about Chitosan:

To begin with, there is no clinical evidence that Chitosan is effective as a weight loss supplement. If this was true, you could chew your hair and nails to shed extra fat from your body.

Just before Chitosan was manufactured as being a diet plan product for weight loss, its makers performed only clinical trials on animals and never on human beings! Animal testing isn’t uncommon; for prescription drugs, the FDA requires animal testing just before a product moves into clinical testing on humans.

At any rate, Chitosan’s animal testing revealed a very slight weight loss inside the test subjects. Be aware, however, that there is absolutely no clinical evidence that this weight reduction was actually caused by Chitosan! As we all know, we can shed extra fat merely by eating less and exercising more– no product or drug of any kind is necessary to do that.

FDA Warnings

Primarily because the test animals lost bodyweight after being given Chitosan, its makers rushed it onto the public market place and sold it strictly as a weight loss supplement for humans with absolutely no proof to back up this claim. Since the FDA does not approve of or recommend over-the-counter goods, no proof was needed.

In 1999, however, the American Obesity Association and a comparable European group performed an evaluation of Chitosan. What they found was astonishing: not only was Chitosan useless as a weight loss aid, but it also dissolves a great deal of of the body’s essential vitamins and minerals and can cause an very dangerous (even fatal) reactions among those who are allergic to shellfish! So be careful before using this as a weight loss supplement.

Best Alternative

 Now that you know the facts about Chitosan, let’s compare it with Phen375 fat burner which is regarded as one of the best diet pills around.

Phen375 is produced in FDA-approved laboratories using pharmaceutical-grade ingredients that have been proven to result in weight loss when used along with a nutritionally-sound diet plan and strict exercise program.

In case you have to shed a great deal of bodyweight — up to 20 pounds — Phen375 may be the most efficient product on the market place to help you accomplish this weight loss goal.

Phen375’s unique formula is an incredibly powerful fat-burner that increases your metabolic rate and virtually eliminates hunger cravings.

Phen375 is entirely legal, thoroughly researched, and safe! The recommendations by actual human beings attest to this, and there is no vague and dubious animal testing done.

It is obvious that when it comes to fat-burning and appetite suppression that’s so essential in helping you to reach your weight loss goal, Phen375 is your best option. Now that you  know the hard facts about Chitosan, you can surely make an informed decision about the diet pill you must choose for yourself. We suggest that you try Phen375 for weight loss. You won’t regret your decision.

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