Does Drinking Water Help You Lose Weight?

Does drinking water help you lose weight? This question is often asked in the weight loss forums by people who are desperately looking for some ways to shed those extra pounds. I would just like to say that drinking water does help you lose weight, but the question is how?

Like most people, I have always wanted to possess a highly athletic body, lean and muscular, without any flab, so I tried everything from dietary supplements, fancy diets, yoga, gym workouts and even fasting. None of these actually worked for me primarily because I didn’t have the patience to persevere with them. When everything failed, I chose a method that I can at least easily follow everyday: drinking water. So how did it help me lose weight?

At the outset, I wondered how drinking water could help me lose weight and I discovered the following interesting facts:

• Water makes you feel full longer so you don’t have a craving for food.

• Water prevents you from overeating, which is why drinking water could help you lose weight.

• Water helps flush out the toxins that accumulate in your body over the years. Do you know that the average person can store 15 to 20 pounds of toxins in his body in his lifetime? With the help of water, your body can get rid of these toxins, causing weight loss.

• Water also keeps your body hydrated keeping your digestive system in perfect condition, which can really help you lose weight.

If the body runs short of water, the kidneys cannot function properly due to the scarcity of water. To help the kidneys, the liver will start working overtime. The liver’s main job is to burn fat but if it is always busy helping the kidneys, all the consumed fats gets stored in the body. Naturally when this happens, the body gains weight simply because your organs are not functioning properly. Now you should have an idea how drinking water could help you lose weight.

A lot of people are concerned whether they should drink warm water or cold water to reduce their weight. Some people believe that cold water is better absorbed by the stomach. It is also widely thought that as you drink cold water, the body tries to bring its temperature up thus causing more calories to burn. The problem is, if you try to drink very cold water, you may not drink as much as you need. As for myself, I drink water at room temperature and that suits me best. This truly has helped me lose weight as it is just right for me and enables me to drink almost 10 glasses a day.

It isn’t just drinking water that helped me lose weight though, for I blended it with 30-45 minutes walking every day, along with cutting down on my calorie intake which is not a very difficult job.


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