Hypnotism For Weight Loss: Is It An Effective Way To Lose Weight?

Hypnotism for weight loss

You will be surprised to know that there is an increasing number of people using hypnotism for weight loss.  It is a unique way to lose weight and it doesn’t involve pills, workouts or diet plans.  The hypnotist simply works with you for an hour or so and puts you in a hypnotic trance so that he can give you suggestions about weight loss.  Some people are easy to hypnotize while others take more time to do so.

When you use hypnotism for weight loss, you are sent into a hypnotic trance and the hypnotist begins feeding you suggestions related to weight loss.  Some suggestions include “You will not like to eat junk food any more” or “You will only eat food that is good and healthy for you.”  You work with the hypnotist beforehand to plan out some of the suggestions that would help you lose weight.

Even children can use hypnotism for weight loss.  Children are very vulnerable to hypnosis and can be put into a hypnotic trance for the purpose of giving them suggestions for weight loss.  The hypnotherapist can talk to the parents beforehand in order to find out the problem areas.  Does the child eat too much fatty food?  Does the child have a unhealthy desire for sweets?  The suggestions can directly affect the child and help him to reduce weight.

Hypnotism for weight loss must also stress upon the need to exercise.  Most people don’t take the time to exercise and are not motivated enough for it.  The hypnotist can address those needs by putting the person into a hypnotic trance and giving suggestions like “You will love to exercise every day for one hour” or “You will feel the urge to swim every day” or “You will go to the gym for a workout every day.”  The person will take these deeply into his brain and will feel more inclined to exercise.

When you do hypnotism for weight loss, you must consider another two aspects— self- esteem and self image, which are generally very poor in those who are trying to lose weight.  Sometimes a special session must be needed to deal with this issue.  The person is placed in a hypnotic trance and given suggestions designed to deal with the way they feel about themselves, like “You love your body no matter what your weight is” or “You are handsome no matter what you weigh.”  This self-esteem session does not interfere with weight loss. In fact,  it helps the person to love himself while still going about the weight loss process.

Hypnotism for weight loss does not cost you a fortune.  Sessions cost far less than going to weight loss experts, or dieticians, or having special health foods delivered to your door.  It can sometimes take just one session to put you on your way towards your weight loss goal.


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