Bontril Diet Pills Review: Does Bontril Diet Pills Really Work?

Bontril diet pills, which consist of phendimetrazine, belong to that class of weight loss drugs popularly known as appetite suppressants. They are marketed as white bitter tablets or in the form of capsules. The capsule form of Bontril has an extended release action: it prevents rapid dissolution in the stomach and continues to release the drug for a sustained period of time. This makes it more effective as a weight loss supplement.

How does Bontril work?

The action of Bontril diet pills is quite akin to that of amphetamines, which act upon the brain to stimulate the sympathetic nervous system. It is generally believed that the appetite suppression evident with this type of drug stems from a combination of this central action and other obscure effects on metabolism. Since it has an ability to suppress appetite, Bontril is known as an anorexic drug.

Bontril may be prescibed by a medical doctor if a patient has failed to make progress on a conventional diet and exercise program, and the cause of obesity has been determined to be external factors (related to eating behavior) with no internal hormonal or metabolic disorder.

Bontril treatment guidelines:

Bontril diet pills are prescribed in 35 mg increments, which is to be distributed over a period of 12 hours. The maximum permissible dose is 70 mg to be given thrice a day. The drug should be taken 1 or 2 hours prior to a meal. Late evening doses are to be avoided at any cost because it might cause insomnia at night. The lowest possible amount of drug should be prescribed since this class of drug has a very low safety margin.

Therapy with Bontril diet pills should be re-evaluated at the end of 4 week period. If you have lost less than 4.5 lbs, then Bontril may not be an  ideal treatment for you— either the dose should be increased or a different drug should be tried.


Bontril diet pills are not to be used by weight loss seekers:

i) with known allergic reactions to this class of drugs (the sympathomimetics).

ii) suffering from advanced arteriosclerosis, heart disease, moderate to severe hypertension, thyroid abnormalities and glaucoma.

iii) with a past history of drug dependence or abuse.

iv) who use drugs that act on the brain or the heart and blood vessels. Such combinations may alter the magnitude of each individual drug’s response and can also aggravate the underlying disease.

v) under 12 years of age.


As Bontril diet pills can increase the blood pressure, extreme caution is to be exercised in prescribing this pill to patients even with mild hypertension. It may also interfere with the action of other anti-hypertensive drugs.

In patients with diabetic conditions, the insulin requirements and the accompanying dietary regimen may be altered in association with the use of the drug to suit the requirement of the patient.

Bontril diet pills are not be taken by women who are, or may become pregnant. Is there any exception to this? Yes, if the opinion of the doctor is such that the potential benefits outweigh the possible hazards.

The body develops tolerance to the weight loss effects of Bontril diet pills within a few weeks. The recommended dosage should never be exceeded in an attempt to increase the effect. Instead, drug therapy needs to be stopped. Increasing the dose at this point will only augment its side effects and cause great harm to the weight loss seeker.

Abrupt cessation following high-dosage administration results in extreme fatigue and mental depression. Changes may also be noted on the sleep pattern. It is recommended therefore, that the dosage should be decreased gradually over time.

Patients on this drug should not operate any machinery or drive a motor vehicle.

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