Cha De Bugre Review: Effective Appetite Suppressant Or Simple Media Hype?

Cha De Bugre is a leaf extract from a plant in the Brazilian Rainforest. It is the primary ingredient in many weight loss products and is said to be an appetite suppressant and at the same time it functions as a metabolic booster. Read this unbiased Cha De Bugre review to learn the plus and minus points of this natural weight loss supplement.

The manufacturers claim that Cha De Bugre is able to break down fat in the body, specifically cellulite deposits.

Cha De Bugre is popular in many diet pills but does it really help you lose weight? That is the million dollar question.

Most products using Cha De Bugre contain only this ingredient, with necessary fillers incorporated to create a pill form. Indications for use are three capsules a day, each taken with a meal. This supplement tends to be more costly than many other weight loss supplements and can run an average of $300 a month.

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Cha De Bugre Side-effects

Cha De Bugre contains naturally occurring caffeine, which can cause anxiety, insomnia and an increased heart rate. Other side effects that have been documented include problems with urination, blurred vision, giddiness and mood swings.

Does Cha De Bugre Work?

 There is really little evidence that Cha De Bugre has any effect, other than the stimulation from caffeine. Much like caffeine, this botanical has diuretic properties, which can make it seem like you’ve lost fat when in actuality you’ve lost water from your body.

In fact, the primary active ingredient in Cha De Bugre is caffeine, which can easily be obtained by drinking coffee or tea at a far less expense. Caffeine itself is well known as a natural appetite suppressant and it doesn’t make sense to spend extra money on it in a pill form.

Many people are extremely sensitive to the effects of caffeine and should avoid any weight loss product or appetite suppressant that contains such a stimulant.

If you’re interested in long term weight loss, Cha De Bugre is indeed not the ideal choice, given its dependence on caffeine. Its safety and efficacy remains unknown, although you can assume it would be quite similar to that of caffeine.

Taking Cha De Bugre is a costly way to get your daily cup of coffee and if it was truly a miracle weight loss supplement, every coffee drinker would remain slim and trim!

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