Trying To Lose Weight? Avoid Foods That Increase Hunger

One of the biggest problems people encounter as they attempt to lose some pounds with a weight loss diet is hunger. You may be following your diet program religiously and doing everything required, but as soon as hunger sets in, you immediately deviate from the normal course.

Hunger is a very difficult thing to handle for anyone on a weight loss diet, but fortunately, if you spend some time to learn about the foods that tend to cause the greatest amount of hunger, and then try your best to stay away from them, this should not  be a big problem for you. Yes, you should always avoid food that increase hunger.

Let’s review the main foods that cause hunger so you can see exactly what to avoid.

White Rice

The first food that might make you hungry soon after your meal is rice. The reason why this food creates problem is that after eating, you will get a big spike in blood sugar level, which is then followed by a sharp decrease as the insulin gets released and sucks all the glucose from the blood. As your blood sugar level crashes, it establishes a hunger signal in the brain which will immediately prompt you to consume more food.

Sugary cereals

The second food that can cause a lot of hunger for the same reason is sugary cereals. Remember to read the label when buying any cereal before you incorporate it in your diet to lose weight.

Like most people, you may erroneously think that a cereal is always a very healthy option, but after closer inspection you might discover that it actually has a good amount of sugar on the label. To control your hunger while taking a full morning meal, choose a cereal that contains no added sugar, such as oatmeal or bran cereal. They will help you to lose weight without any discomfort.

Snack Bars

Snack bars are another problem food in terms of hunger. The big problem here is that they tend to be very low in total protein and fat content, so there is nothing to balance the carbohydrates you eat with them.

This means that there will be a quick peak in blood sugar, which will  make you experience a dip in energy level. As your energy level goes down, you want to get more food to bring it back to the normal level. This cycle can prompt you to take in high amounts of calories, and you may be moving further away from your weight loss goal.


Now it almost goes without saying that candy is one of the worst food so far as hunger is concerned. Although you may feel that this gives you a burst of high energy and fills your stomach quickly, you are merely consuming sugar! Candy made from pure sugar is worse for you from the perspective of the diet because with fat snacks at least there is no immediate surge in blood sugar level.

The bottom line is: avoid sweets at all costs. So, now that you know which foods to avoid, you should not allow them to sabotage your weight loss efforts, and therefore you have every chance to succeed in your weight loss program.Indeed, if you avoid foods that increase hunger, you will surely be able to lose weight comfortably.

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